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2022 - A round-up

Up until around midway through I thought 2022 was a little bit of a nothing year but as I began to reflect on it, I started to realise it was because I was waiting on it having the CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! moments of 2021.

2022 has been quieter, slower but it has had so amazing moments. And some sad moments.

Let's begin with some of the amazing moments...

January saw me jump out of my comfort zone and begin not only selling my paintings but also beginning a weekly newsletter and...

✨I have sold paintings and done commissions.

✨ My newsletter has subscribers and I truly love writing it every week.

 Write Like A Grrrl Anthology cover

But all this has also happened to:

✨I had a piece of my work published in the first ever Write Like A Grrrl Anthology.

✨I attended an Unbound writing course, run by the fabulous Nicola Humber and met some amazing, inspiring people. And I began writing my story.

✨I have begun speaking my truth. My voice still shakes and so do my hands but I am doing it.

✨I took on a walking challenge over Autumn and Winter to raise money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Black background with an image of Sophie Lancaster smiling with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation logo next to her

The idea came to me early in the year and it was one of them that was so fully formed I knew I had to go for it but I was still thinking "I can't do it!" right up until November 1st, the day it began.

And now, as I write, I am nearly halfway through and I have raised £381. We are all capable of so much more than we would have ourselves believe.

Now to the sad moments. Or should I say moment...

🖤 In July, we lost our darling, Lula.

Four images showing Lula, my tortoiseshell cat.

Our beautiful tiger princess went over the rainbow bridge after not being well for a short period. She was an old gal and, as soon she found my Mum, she had the most wonderful life but I was devastated.

I am devastated.

As soon as I moved back home, I felt a connection with her.

The first time she sat on my knee was my first birthday back home and I just knew she was my little tiger familiar.

She keeps popping into my dreams and I still think I'm going to walk into the living room and she'll be curled up on the sofa. Or she'll come pottering over to me in the garden.

I will miss her forever but I am so glad she was a part of my life. And I know she's always with me.

Love you, Lula-boo. 🖤🧡🖤

2022 has been a year of ups and downs but I am happy to have experienced it all.

I am excited for 2023.



If you love my work and would like to support me , please consider giving me a tip. 🙏 Or check out my Etsy or come have a chat with me on my Instagram. 🙂

Thank you so much! 🖤✨

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