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Am I a performance artist?

In a presentation this week, my tutor asked me if I thought of myself as a performance artist.

This isn’t the first time this idea has been brought up but I’ve never really considered myself to be a performance artist as I have always thought of this kind of art as a piece that would involve live performance such as the work by Marina Abramovic.

Having done some research into performance art I have found that there is much more to it than live performance. The performance can be seen through photography and video which is the kind of art I create.

Artists such as Hannah Wilke, VALIE EXPORT and Rachel Maclean are all artists who create photographic and video work but there is definitely a performance taking place within their work.

As I think about my work, I think there is definitely a performance happening within the work – the character I take on within my imagery and video is me performing. Even in the work where I am being myself there is some element of performance.

So, am I a performance artist?

It's an exciting idea but I’m still not sure.

But it is definitely something I will continue to think about.

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