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Hello 2023...

.... and hello January Blues!

I get them every single year but I thought this year would be different.

I have been doing my walking challenge and I truly thought that would help but it has actually been a real struggle to get myself out walking every day.

I always find December easier because we have all the excitement and magick of Yule and Christmas. And when you go outside, yes it might be chucking it down with rain and be almost pitch black at 2 o'clock in the afternoon but seeing the twinkle of lights on a Christmas tree through someone's window makes it all so much nicer and easier to deal with.

January we still have the darkness and the rain but none of the sparkle. It has been replaced with articles about "New Year, New You" which 99% of the time means only eating boiled cabbage from now until Summer and running fourteen miles a day. I exaggerate but, unfortunately, not that much.

And then there's the pressure to make it THE BEST YEAR YET! And I'm not going to lie, I fall into that trap every year without even thinking about the fact that we are still in Winter, a time of rest.

I've seen so many people talking about how they aren't getting started properly with the new year and intention setting until March when Spring is in the air and we are actually in season for planting seeds.

And this makes total sense!

I just wish I had thought about it before I got all down on myself about not leaping into January raring to go because now I can't shake this feeling that I should be raring to go.

I should be making this the best year ever even though when I rule the world we will all be hibernating throughout January like little bears, reading all the books we got for Christmas, watching films and Netflix series and finishing off the Christmas chocolates. (Apologies to any party-loving, extroverted January babies. I know this will dampen your birthday plans. You will just have to party in February which will kind of mean you have two birthdays... #WinWin)

Next year I am going to stop with the 'shoulds' and take my lead from the wiser people in my life and see January for what it is - a cold, dark Winter month where it is okay to feel tired and it is okay to want to take it slow.

And this year I am going to keep telling myself this. Over and over.

You don't need some 'special' month in order to make changes in your life or to set intentions. You can do that any month of the year. You can do that every month of the year!

Even though it started with a case of the January Blues, 2023 is going to be a good year for me.

I can feel it.



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