• Becky Handley

Hi again!

So, I haven't posted in while. Obviously!

It's been a tough few months. I left university feeling on top of world. Unstoppable, with a sense of identity that I had never had before.

And then I started applying for jobs and nothing.

It made me feel very worthless and like I was fraud. I'd skipped around after uni going on about getting an award and a First, but now look?! I obviously wasn't all that great.

I'm now back living with my in-laws which I am so grateful for and is a privilege not everyone has.

But I still feel useless.

And then corona's hit! I am trying my best to not add it to my list of worries, whilst abiding by all the guidelines set out, but my lord that's a hard one.

And in the cruelest twist of fate, when I feel down the first aspect of me to disappear is the very one which keeps me sane - my creativity.

So this first post isn't just a 'remember me!' for all of you, but also a "remember me!" to myself.

Get myself back into a routine - waking up early, eating better, staying active looking for jobs, but also letting myself stay creative. Not being so hard on myself because I didn't walk into a job, straight out of university.

Even in the hardest time, we deserve moments of happiness.

We deserve to be ourselves.

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