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Walking 1 millions steps and what it taught me

Over the course of November, December and January 2022 I walked over 1 million steps in order to raise money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The idea for this walking challenge came to me back in the Spring of 2022 and the idea came fully formed.

I knew I wanted to walk 1 million steps, I knew I wanted to do it over Winter and I knew I wanted to do it in order to raise money for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

And I was excited. When ideas come to me so completely formed, I know I have to go with them.

As November approached, I began to get my graphics and my Just Giving page ready and fear began to creep in.

I began to feel so much apprehension about the whole thing - I wouldn't be able to walk that many steps, I hate Winter so I won't go out, no one will donate.

I will fail and embarrass myself.

Right up until November 1st, a voice was telling me to not tell anyone because I would not succeed.

But I pushed through and I launched it and I got walking.

And the fear disappeared, right?

Nope! All through I kept thinking I can't do this. Every time I had a lower step count I thought "Here we go! See, I'm not going to do this."

And it was infuriating! Because I was doing it!


And I got to January 28th, three days before my challenge ended and I reached 1 million steps. 🎉

I kept going and in the end, I got to a total of 1,032,622 steps. 🎉 I. Did. It.

I bloody well did it!

And a thought came to me: I have to keep talking about this. I have to tell people and celebrate. Not just because my Just Giving page was still open but because I achieved something I didn't think I could do.

I am so good at achieving something and very quickly moving on to the next thing. Constantly feeling like I have to prove my worth and never stopping to smell the roses. I also needed to keep talking about it so I could see for myself what I was truly capable of.

I needed to let myself see it.

Because the next time I decided to do something or try something, the fear will still be there.

But I want it to not take me as long to say: No, I can and I will. 🖤✨


My Just Giving page is open until 28th February 2023. If you would like to donate to it, the link is here.

And if you would like to see how my walking went, please head over to my Instagram and check out the Highlight called #BeckyWalks

Thank you. 🖤✨

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