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Becky Handley

Artist. Writer. Creative. 

Becky Handley is an artist and writer from the green hills of Derbyshire. 

She creates every single day and her first book 'I want to be here' was self-published in July 2021. 'I want to be here' chronicles her journey with her mental health through poetry, photography and collage. 

She is also a painter, specialising in colourful, abstract art. 

This Is Me.HEIC

'I want to be here' chronicles my journey with my mental health from an extremely dark time to a place where I truly believe I can find healing. 

The idea for it came to me almost fully formed and I knew I had to make it and that is what I did. 

I wrote every word, took every photograph, made every collage and then put it all together in InDesign. I am extremely proud of it but I know it is only the beginning. 

Along with being a writer, I am also an artist with my speciality being colourful, abstract painting. 

Painting brings me a great deal of joy and peace. It is a time where I can truly switch off from the modern world and get lost in the magick.

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Drink tea


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