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Becky on a moving sculpture at Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire.JPG

About Becky

Artist. Writer. Creative.

Becky is an award-winning artist and writer based in Derbyshire, UK.


Her art crosses over many borders from film to abstract painting to photography and writing. Her writing has been published online on a variety of platforms such as Dear Damsels and Hundred Heroines. In 2022, her short story 'Abbi and Sammy' was published in the first Write Like A Grrrl Anthology. 

Along with her work being published by others, in 2021 she self-published her first book - 'I want to be here'. 

Becky's work often deals with mental health and her biggest intention with her work is to help others who are going through their own battles feel less alone and allow them to see their worth. 


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